Useful Javascript resources to learn and remember

Useful Javascript resources to learn and remember


Hello there! In the last weeks i wrote my posts around Flutter and mobile development. So i think this week its time again for good old Javascript! Over time my bookmarks went over 9000 really quick when it comes to Javascript resources and in this post i want to share my favorites with you. I will distinct them in resources that are great when you want to learn Javascript and resources that are really good when you want to re-read things like concepts or syntax and you can revisit every once in a while.

Here we go.

Resources to learn Javascript

  1. JS Concepts visualized: Maybe one of my all time favorites. These are 7 posts about the most important Javascript concepts with really pictures and GIFs to visualize complex concepts and make it easy to understand them.

  2. Memory Management in JS: This is a bit advanced stuff but its really well explained. In this article you can learn how JS handles the memory management. You learn about Stack and Heap and how the Garbage Collector works within the JS Environment.

  3. Tips and Tricks: This GitHub repository includes a lot of basics and advanced Javascript concepts and tips and tricks. You can read about closures, async. Javascript or DOM Manipulation and many more. Really well explained for beginners and with nice examples to each topic.

Resources to remember

  1. Most used JS Methods: In this post the author list his most used Javascript methods and its a nice reference to come back to if you need some help about syntax or some new input. Maybe you see a new method that can help you to deal with a problem you have right now.

  2. 1-Liners in JS: I really like this site as it show you how to deal with common problems and/or use-cases that you can solve in Javascript with just one line! It really can give you a new perspective and show you how powerful javascript is! But remember only because you can solve a problem in one line it doesnt mean you have to. Always try to write code that is understandable. In the end you write code for people and not for the computer.

  3. Javascript Operators: Here you can look up every Javascript operators and how to use it with examples. Clean, helpful and easy to use!


I really hope you find these resources as useful as i am. If you are a beginner i really encourage you to check out the first resources in the first paragraph. You can learn a lot there.

I also have a ton more resources but i think for now this is enough. In the future i will definitely post more of them.

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I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!