Tool of the Week: Typingclub

Tool of the Week: Typingclub


Once a week i want to show you my personal Tool of the Week. I start this series with Typingclub.

As a programmer typing on our keyboards is our daily bread and if we can improve our typing speed and accuracy we improve our productivity. For the past years i just typed as i wanted and most of the time with 2-4 fingers. This works but compared with others it is pretty slow. So in the past few weeks i thought about improve my typing by learning touch typing.

Whats that?

Touch Typing

Its a style of typing. It means that you use all ten fingers and type without using your eyes. Your keyboard will become a part of your body. This is very useful as you free your mind from a task so your brain can think about the important stuff.

Typingclub is a very cool website to start learning it and provides exercises and short informative videos about this topic. You can choose your keyboard style, language etc. and dive into the lectures.

Your progress will be saved (when you logged in) and you can see your typing speed (WPM = Word per Minutes) from last week compared with the current week as well as your accuracy.


Other useful sites for learning touch typing are:

Im using 10fastfingers on a daily basis. Challenge yourself and try to beat your highscore. I started at 15-20 WPM and now im at around 50.

Top typers can score over 200 WPM! But even 150 is hella fast.


You are coding with your keyboard every single day. By improving your typing speed and efficiency you will become more productive and can focus on your task instead of finding the rights keys. I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

And as always: develop yourself!