Tool of the Week: Advent of Code

Tool of the Week: Advent of Code


Once a week i want to show you my personal Tool of the Week. This week its not a real tool but its quite cool (Rhyme of the year!). Its Advent of Code.

Advent of Code

Its quite a cool project (Advent Calendar) where you can solve a coding puzzle each day till christmas and improve as a developer. Each day the puzzle gets harder and more complicated.

I really enjoy it. And you dont have to do it on the same day. You can do it whenever you want and you can stop whenever you want. So you dont have to do all of them.


I hope you find this useful and i wish you a lot of fun by doing those puzzles. I think you can learn a lot and improve as a developer by doing even just one of them!

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I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

And as always: develop yourself!