Stay fit and healthy as a developer

Stay fit and healthy as a developer


We all know the typical programmer. Big belly, glasses, acne and cant run 5 meters without gasping for air. At least this is how programmers are in books and movies but it does not have to be like this. We have to take care of ourselves and our physical and mental health and our mental health is tightly bond to our physical health.

In this article i want to introduce you to some health tips and how i try to stay healthy and fit as a developer even when im sitting for like 8-10 hours per day. My goal is that i can help you (yes you that is reading this right now) to live healthier. Believe me this will also help you to be more productive and code like a freaking machine.

Sitting all day long

Like i said above: We sit. A lot. Humans are designed to be active. Our bodys and genetics are used to action and moving and not to sit that much. The human body is capable to do unbelievable things if we try.

Okay, Okay. But we are developers and need to sit and solve problems. For that we need silence for thinking and not run a marathon. Yes thats true BUT we can do other things. For example whenever i go to the toilet ill do 20-30 push ups. And i drink a lot so im on the toilet like every hour.

And this is important: Try to move your body at least once in a hour. Stretch, move your head left and right. Anything is better than sitting still for hours.

Bad habits and how to build better ones

Habits are strong. They build your life. You can read about it in my Book Review from Atomic Habits here. You can use this knowledge to improve your health. Like i explained in the above section im used to do push ups whenever i go to the toilet. You can do other things like stretching, do jumpings jacks, dance, shadow boxing... Do whatever feels good for you. I do weight training for like 7 years so push ups are just my favourite thing to do and i train most of my body parts with that.

Build a drinking habit. Drinking is so important. You can lose weight by just drinking a lot of water. If you are hydrated you feel just so much better and you brain can work a lot better too. Only disadvantage: You will pee a lot. But i think its totally worth it. Drink at least 2 l water per day or better 3 or more. You can also drink coffee of course i loooooove coffee! But try to not only drink coffee.

Eating and Working out

Eating and working out are two things that depends on your goals. If you are just trying to live a bit healthier try to cut soft drinks and the sweets. For workouts you can do things like take a walk, dancing, work with your body weight, yoga... There are a lot of possibilities. Find one that works for you and is fun for you.

If you want to lose weight as well i can highly recommend weight training. I know since Corona its difficult as the gyms are closed. I was also used to go to the gym for like 7 years and now its closed. But there are possibilities. If you go on youtube you will find a ton of home workout videos. You can buy stuff like weights, resistance bands and more. You will then build muscles and muscles burn fat like all the time.

To conclude this section:

  • Do some kind of activity once in a hour
  • Drink a minumum of 2 l of water per day better 3-4
  • Cut things like soft drinks and sweets (at least on a daily basis)
  • Find a workout that suits you and is fun for you
  • Workout 2-3 times per week for at least 30 mins


We are developers. We are sittings most part of the day. But this doesnt mean we cant be fit and healthy. I hope this article was useful for you and can turn your life in a healthier one.

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I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!