[Productivity] Pick a Theme!

[Productivity] Pick a Theme!


At the beginning of each year we decide to commit to something to improve ourselves. Maybe to go to the gym or read one book per month. Most of the time we dont stick with it and get lost in the first half of the year. Every january i see so many new faces in the gym but in march/april all these new faces are gone. Because poeple want to see results as fast as possible. A theme is another approach. Its more about a habit and a positive life change instead of strict numbers.


But what is a theme? Imagine this: Instead of saying "This year i will go to the gym 3 times a week!" you just make this year to a theme:

The year of fitness

The year of coding

The year of reading

Sounds not so impressive or? But it works! New years resolutions are a good thing but the approach is wrong. Or maybe not wrong but not as good as a theme. You will most likely stick with a theme because its by far more positive and not as strict as "I will lose 10 kg/pounds".

And if you want you can also split themes within a year. For example you pick one theme per season. 3 months are manageable and not as long as one full year.


Here is a very good video about the topic: youtube.com/watch?v=NVGuFdX5guE


A theme is motivating, positive and can help you to stick with new habits. Its easy and everyone can try it out. Maybe you start with it next year or next season. I just hope that it will help you to reach your goals!