Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Hello there! Imposter Syndrome. Its well known in the Tech World. I believe like 99 % of developers faced this in their career at some point. For some of us its an omnipresent companion on our way. I want to talk about it and explain what Imposter Syndrome means and how you can defeat it or use it for your advantage instead of slowing you down or in the worst case - stop you.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Everybody is better than me...

They grasp new concepts in like 5 minutes and i need days or even weeks to understand it...

I will never understand how this works...

These or similar sentences are very familiar for most developers and describes the Imposter Syndrome very well. It feels like every other developer are some kind of a god and understand all concepts, new frameworks, programming languages etc. and on top of that: It seems its very easy for them.

And you? For you its very hard to learn new things and need to practice for days and weeks to understand something. And then you have thoughts that maybe programming is not for me because for others it seems so easy and for you its a fight each day.

And that is simply not true. Or false. Or !true.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

One thing is crucial to understand:

Every developer has these fears. The one who code for 2 weeks and the Googler that worked in the industry for like 30 years

We only see the results of other developers but never the failures and the struggle they are going through. They are like you or me.

Use it for your favor

In the worst case a developer stops his journey because of the Imposter Syndrome. But the Imposter Syndrome can be a good thing. It let you stay on the ground and be humble while learning new stuff every day. So use it for your advantage. Let it be your drive!

Code, Code, Code

Dont jump into the tutorial hell and do tutorial after tutorial. It feeds the Imposter Syndrome. Because when you start a real project you sit in front of your IDE and have no idea how to start...

Find a project that interests you and just start. Let these fingers dance on the keyboard and build something on your own. This is probably the worst enemy of the imposter syndrome and your best friend! Build something new, make failures throughout the process and learn from them.


I hope this article can help somebody that struggles with the imposter syndrome. Dont stop because of it. Yes coding is hard but its also worth it and everybody can do it. And even if you need a bit longer to understand new concepts. Who cares? In the end its important that you stayed strong and understood and build something amazing with it!

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Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!