5 Youtube Channels for Developers

5 Youtube Channels for Developers


Hello there and happy eastern to you and your loved ones! Today i want to give you a little easter gift and share 5 of my favorite developer Youtube channels that are great in teaching coding and computer science in general. Hopefully you get to know some new resources for your journey as a developer and now lets get started!

5 Youtube Channels for Developers

1. Traversy Media

One of my all time favorites. If you are into web development you are right here. He has many tutorials about HTML, Javascript, Angular, React and many more and also has some videos about programming in general.

A great dude, a great channel to follow as a developer.

2. Fireship

If one guy can teach topics in a very small amount of time then its him! On this channel you will find many relative short videos that introduce and teach about different kinds of developer topics. He explains it very well with nice animations and code examples.

A fast dude, a fast follow as a developer.

3. CS50

This channel is hosted by the Harvard University and here you can get many videos about computer science and its basics. Here you can learn very important basics like algorithms, arrays, memory and many more. Also you can find videos about web development and game development!

A whole university, a whole developer that follows.

4. FreeCodeCamp

A all time classic! Besides their awesome website they have a Youtube channel where you can find everything. Yes and i mean everything about programming. From basics to advanced topics, from Javascript to C++, from algorithms to game development. And you will find very long videos where you can see how to build a whole application!

A free channel, a code(r) that follows.

5. Tadas Petra

And last but not least a Flutter channel! As i really enjoyed the 30 days of flutter in february this year i explored a lot of Flutter Youtube channels and this is one of my favorites. You really see how much fun he has while teaching Flutter and he also teaches the topics quite well.

A mobile channel, a cross-platform developer that follows.


I hope this post was somehow useful for you! There plenty of good Youtube channels that are focussing on development and teaching this kind of stuff to others. And these 5 are some of my favorites.

Happy Eastern to all of you.

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I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!