5 useful CSS resources

5 useful CSS resources

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·Aug 8, 2021·

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Hello there! CSS is like magic and there are tons of resources out there. I want to share 5 of them that I find very useful when working with CSS and I hope you will also find value in them.

1: CSS Tricks

One of the best and well-known websites when it comes to CSS. Here you can find guides, tips and tricks and articles all around CSS. The articles are very well written and detailed.

2: CSS Minifier

The name says it all. A very simple but useful little website where you can copy your well-structured CSS code and get it minified. It also offers an API.

3: CSS Grid Cheatsheet

CSS Grid is super useful when it comes to building layouts on a website. I'm a big fan of it and prefer it over complete frameworks like Bootstrap because you have full control and it's very easy to build a layout with it. And on this website you have a lot of examples of well-known layouts that you can copy to your clipboard in one click.

4: CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet

CSS Flexbox is like a CSS Grid a tool integrated into CSS to build layouts on a website. Often you will use only one of them (preference) but they are really good if you combine them. On this website, you have an overview of the most basic and important properties with a little image next to them to see what they are doing.

5 : CSS Gradient

Gradients are very popular these days and on this website you can create it very easily with point&click and then copy the code to your clipboard.


I hope you will find these resources as useful as I do and they will help you in your development process.

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