5 daily resources for Web Developers

5 daily resources for Web Developers


Hello there! My last post about useful javascript resources showed me that you kind of like this types of post where i share my knowledge about knowledge. And today i want to continue with that and share more resources but this time not only Javascript. Today i want to share some tools i use on pretty often (almost daily) while working as a Web Developer.

Maybe you know some of them but even if i can only show you one new cool tool that help you im happy!

Here we go!

My top tools i use frequently

  1. Unsplash : I use this very often if i need a picture that is free to use and i dont have to think about licensing. I knowout there are many other sites that offer this service but i use Unsplash the most. You can download it in different sizes and all for free. I even use it right now for the cover image of this blog.

  2. Dribbble : For about 2 weeks i use Dribbble for inspiration regardless if i need design ideas for websites or for mobile development. On Dribbble you will find awesome designs from designers all over the globus. You can register for free and save designs, like them and/or add them to a collection (like a group of designs). And on top of that you can even hire the designers there if you need one.

  3. Carbon : On this site you can share your code in a cool, stylie way with others! Just copy your code there and export it to a file. You even can tweet it from there. You can change the Theme, Color and language. I use it every time i write a blog post where i need to share some code. Enjoy it!

  4. Google Fonts : This is a classy. Here you can find tons of nice looking fonts for free. Nothing more to say just enjoy the freedom.

  5. Hashnode : I have to list it here. Every day you can find so many informative and cool posts from other developers around the globe. Its like a huge library with all the human wisdom about programming and other cool stuff like motivation, life tips and productivity. My tip: Try to read at least 3 posts a day. You will be amazed how much new stuff you will learn here! And of course write posts on your own. While writing posts you can share your knowledge with other people and solidify your knowledge at the same time. A classic Win-Win situation!

EXTRA: Resources for upcoming Web Developers

  1. Udemy : Im a visual learner and i love videos to learn new stuff. On Udemy you will find a ton of courses about everything. If you want to learn Web Development i can highly recommend Andrei´s Course . This is how i started and he is the best instructor i know. Its a pleasure to learn from him.

  2. Codementor : Avoid the tutorial hell and build real projects. On this site you can select a project and build it on your own. You learn how to tackle problems and solve them and this is by far the most important skill of a developer.

  3. Typescript : This is my personal opinion. If you are learning Javascript and know the basics i would highly recommend that you learn Typescript. Its a superset of Javascript and enables type safety to it. I really enjoy using it as it helps to write, better (my personal opinion), code and reduces errors at compile time. At least give it a try. Im sure you will like it.


I hope you learned something new today! If you have other resources that you use on a daily basis / pretty often please feel free to drop it in the comments. I love to learn new stuff!

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I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!