3 YouTube Channels for Flutter Developers

3 YouTube Channels for Flutter Developers


Hello there! This week the article will be short and on the point. I want to share my top 3 YouTubers where you can learn Flutter and stay up-to-date with the awesome UI Toolkit from Google to build beautiful apps.

The beauty of Flutter is that you can have one codebase for multiple platforms. You can build Applications for IOS/Android, Desktop (macOS, Linux, and Windows), and even Web!

You will find thousands of YouTubers and Videos about Flutter and i want to share my favorites because out there are such too many resources and it's hard to pick the best ones (at least in my opinion).

1. Tadas Petra

My all-time favorite when i need to learn something about Flutter. He uploads videos very frequently and always covers the newest trends in the World of Flutter and Dart.

He also explains complicate topics quite easily and always explains them while showing them in a real app. On top of that, he covers topics like how to structure your whole app to keep it organized and scaleable.

2. Robert Brunhage

A very nice Channel that teaches Flutter topic quite well and very often while building a cool little app to practice it. His videos are high quality and a must-watch for every Flutter enthusiast!

3. Flutter Community

This is a great channel for learning Flutter from very experienced Flutter developers because every week there is a live stream where you can ask questions about Flutter and Dart. And every week they try to invite new quests so you gather quite a few perspectives and learn from so many people that work with Flutter since the beginning. Also sometimes they have Google Developers as guests so you can ask questions about the Framework itself or when a specific feature will be available and so on!


If you want to learn Flutter or want to stay up-to-date with it then i hope these 3 YouTube Channels will help you with that. Enjoy it and if you already launched an App or working on it then feel free to post it here!

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I love to improve myself every single day even if it's just a tiny bit!

Stay safe and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!