3 Tips to Boost your Productivity

3 Tips to Boost your Productivity


Hello there! Time is rare. Especially in our current life time is THE most valuable thing. Ironically its also really easy to waste time today. Social Media, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc. are nice things and i really enjoy using them and watch whatever i want whenever i want. Im on Instagram, Twitter etc. and scroll through it, see some nice things and some boring stuff. And pufffff... 30 minutes are gone. And that also can happen while you are working and just wanted to check your phone for like 1 minute.

How we can boost our productivity and use some simple tricks to stay focused and use our valuable time instead of wasting it? Let me share 3 tricks with you that are simple but effective.

Take notes

One Word. Notion. Notion is an app that is available for all platforms and is really nice for taking notes in all forms. There are many templates out there that you can use. You also can customize it and really make it YOUR note book. By taking notes you stay focused while you are writing the notes and on top of that you can later use the notes to write blog articles for other people. With that you learn stuff 3 times.

  1. When you actually do some new stuff.

  2. When you take notes about it.

  3. When you write blog articles about it to teach it to other people.

Get Inspiration

This is important. Inspiration is really rare nowadays because with all that social media we got so much input each day. Its exhausting.

Inspiration is the number one thing that actually get you started with one thing. Motivation is the thing that comes after that. Motivation comes while you are doing something. But Inspiration let you make the first move!

Every person is different and get inspiration from other sources. It might be the one guy on YouTube, Twitter etc. that gives you the inspiration for something. I can recommend Product Hunt and Indie Hackers. Here you can see what other people create, why they created it and what inspired them to do those things.

5 Minute rule

The 5 minute rule is closely attaches to Inspiration and Motivation. When it comes to procrastination this is your best bet. The real hard part is to begin with your work. Its not the work itself. You have to repeat that to yourself for like 1000000 times.

The 5 minutes rule is really simple and really effective. Promise yourself that you just do that thing for 5 minutes and then stop. Trick your brain. And once you started its so easy to continue! You will ask yourself why you didnt just start earlier?


So much time. So much potential. So much time wasters out there. Productivity is something that becomes more and more important in our world. Time is valuable. Your time is valuable. There are like 1000 tips to boost your productivity. I just shared 3 of my favourites. I hope this will help you!

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Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!